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Mittsure Technologies

At a Glance

A revolutionary digital platform in field of education, committed on social empowerment and enhancing learning capabilities & talent recognition hence, building cultural values for better society through scientifically formulated curriculum based books and interactive learning digital content. Our unique feature set includes mobile & web based application for accessing value added services and benefits focussing on overall growth & ecosystem development.

Features of School ERP

Our ERP software Modules use moderinized techniques and methodologies.

Lesson Plan

This special feature contains important guidelines and procedure for teaching lessons in a systematic way. We will generate a yearly calendar...Read More

Data Management

Now, schools can keep their records & data up to date on the Cloud Server provided by Mittsure. It will help them access their data...Read More


Now, sending messages to groups via web/mobile app or SMS is very simple. (i) Group Alerts:- Send alerts to a specific group at just one click...Read More


Marking attendance of students by Admin or Teacher App is a very important feature. (i) Attendance Alerts :- Make the...Read More

Enquiry Management

Managing enquiries for future references is very easy. School can keep track of enquiries, communicate via SMS, and generate a list...Read More


Subject Teachers can upload their subject Homework/Assignments (only to the classes they teach) and it gets shared with...Read More

Our Talent Box

Our Talent Box focuses on inculcating creativity in our learners. Here, we provide various activities in the form of digital videos to flourish 'Skill & Development' in the students using our latest technology.

  • Indian & Western Music
  • Guitar Tutorials
  • Violin Tutorials
  • Drum Beat Tutorials
  • Poem Recitation
  • Yoga Training
  • Theatre & Drama
  • Dance
  • Instant Cooking/Baking
  • Rangoli
  • Self-defence Training
  • Personality Development
  • Table tennis
  • Canvas Painting
  • Art & Craft
  • Mehndi
  • Table Manners classes
  • Block Printing
  • Foreign Languages
  • Phonics Classes

These activities are tentative and for indicative purpose only. We assure you that the number of activities will be more than the above mentioned activities.

Highlights of Mittsure Books

  1. Scientifically formulated moderate & portable book size
  2. Text written by eminent, profound, proficient, sagacious and highly qualified authors
  3. Three-layer checking by the Editorial Team of Mittsure with their whole hearted support
  4. Inquisitive emergence of 'Learning by Doing' notion
  5. All books composed according to a constructive 'Theme & Methodology' to teach the learners stepwise
  6. Impactful and profound presentation with exquisite layout and title cover exposition

Benefits of Recommending Mittsure Books for Schools

  1. Interactive digital education platform for all classes
    1. Almost all subjects' Fun2Learn animated content for beginners (Nursery to 4)
    2. Informative Digital Classroom sessions based on hourly lectures comprising entire syllabus from class 5 onwards
  2. Hi-tech online classroom sessions in the absence of a teacher
  3. As teachers' helping hand, comprehensive digital Teacher's Manual for all subjects
  4. Offering an extensive range of online programs for teachers' skill development and technology awareness
  5. Transmitting integrated School Management (ERP) Software Modules to transfigure manual processes into automated structures
  6. Encouraging parents to deposit the outstanding fee of students on time using the system provided by Mittsure
  7. Aiming at the advanced infrastructure with the latest technologies


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