Features of School ERP

Our ERP Software Modules use modernized techniques and methodologies that strive to ensure the automation of school management processes. These well-developed software modules provide flourishing opportunities for schools, teachers, students and parents. Detailed ERP software modules that we provide are listed below:

Lesson Plan

This special feature contains important guidelines and procedure for teaching lessons in a systematic way. With the help of your school teachers you can generate session-wise yearly lesson plans for each class and subject. However, the school will have the flexibility to revise/alter the lesson plan as per their yearly session schedules. The school principal can easily check the status of a particular course of a class on a single click to verify the timelines or delays (if any) as per schedule.

Data Management

Now, schools can keep their records and data up to date on the Cloud Server provided by Mittsure. It will help them access their data anytime, anywhere instead of handling multiple excel files or paperwork.


Now, sending messages to groups via web/mobile app or SMS is very simple.

  • Group Alerts :- Send alerts to a specific group at just one click.
  • Individual Alerts :- Simplified search feature to send individual alerts.
  • Teacher/Staff Alerts :- Communicate to a teacher/staff or all on the click of a button.
  • Up to 10,000 SMS Pack will be available on complementary basis (annually).


Marking the attendance of students by Admin or Teacher App is a very important feature.

  • Attendance Alerts :- Make the Attendance System strong and effective with automated absent alerts to parents.
  • Attendance Report :- Automated reports based on daily attendance.
  • Leave Management :- Parents can apply for leave from an app which directly goes to admin and teacher for approval/denial.

Enquiry Management

Managing enquiries for future references is very easy. Schools can keep track of enquiries, communicate via SMS with parents, and generate a list of enquiries as and when required.


Subject teachers can upload their subject Homework/Assignment on App/Website (only to the classes they teach) and it gets shared with parents instantly.


School can add the collection of photos and videos (via YouTube link) of any events, games, etc. in the Gallery module via web/mobile app to make the Parents/Students access memories of the events.


  • School can maintain the list of important events and holidays under this module. All the events/holidays being held at the school will be visible to Parents/Principal/Admin.
  • The calendar automatically shows a reminder one day prior to the parents on the Parent app.


Under this module, grievance handling and parents' feedback/views can be  taken to ensure a healthy relationship with parents.

News & Circulars

Any News or Circular can be shared to the parents/students under this module.

Admin Web/App Based Interface

  • Communication :- Now, you can send an SMS to parents anytime, anywhere without any hassle.
  • Managing School At Your Fingertips :- This app provides Data Security and transparent financial management. It manages completely all the information and records of the school on a single app. It will also assist to increase the efficiency of the staff.
  • Web-based interface (website) will be available for respective logins

Teacher Web/App Based Interface

  • Attendance:- Now, the teachers can mark the real-time attendance on our app in their classes.
  • Homework:- Subject teachers can upload homework of their subject (to the classes they teach) directly from their smartphone camera/file.
  • Leave Management:- Teachers can approve/deny the leave applied by their class students.
  • Web-based interface (website) will be available for respective logins.

Student Web/App Based Interface

  • The students can receive and upload their Homework/Assignments on this app/website.
  • The app is available on both Android and Apple iOS platforms.
  • A Web-based interface (website) will be available for respective logins.

Parent Web/App Based Interface

  • Parents can view their ward's attendance, performance, communication, time table, school events, PTMs, and overall reporting on their smartphones.
  • App is available on Android and Apple iOS platforms.
  • Web-based interface (website) will be available for respective logins.

Fees Management

  • Now, maintain your complete fee management system by sending SMS to the parents for fee deposit, fee default, etc.
  • View Fee Ledger of a student at a single click.


  • Attendance Report:- Student/Staff Attendance reports can be generated.
  • Students Report:- Various reports related to students can be generated in a few seconds.
  • Message Delivery Reports.
  • Fee Reports (Paid, Outstanding).
  • Other day-to-day reports.

Transfer Certificate

School can generate TC of any student who left the school, in our specific format in just a few clicks.

User Management

Creating logins for staff members of different departments with the modules allotted to them is very simple. (e.g. Accountant login, Front Office login, Teacher login, etc.)


  • The Panic SOS button is only available in the Mittsure Parent application.
  • The Panic SOS button functionality will notify the five registered emergency numbers and able to send a text message with Google maps location in case of an emergency.
  • The user can add/edit anytime up to 5 emergency contact numbers of his/her choice to be notified at a crucial time.
  • During an emergency, the user can simply press Panic Button once and it will start the countdown of 6 seconds to execute notification to registered numbers. Also, the user can cancel the notification request anytime during the countdown, if pressed mistakenly.
  • If the user requires immediate assistance during an emergency, he can press the SOS twice to skip 6 seconds execution process and send notification of the current location on a real-time basis.
  • The SOS will send the current location to the emergency numbers and will update the current location every 2 minutes with the help of internet/mobile data.
  • In case of no internet connection available, the user has to click one time to send the location through text messages.
  • The user may get a facility in the future to activate the video feature to record by the user's phone camera and share the video recording at the time of emergency.
  • The user can click the "Safe Now" button as and when gets out of a crisis. Also, the user may send the text message to all the emergency contacts as a response to show the safe condition of the user.

Features of School ERP

अत्याधुनिक तकनीकों एवं Methodologies के प्रयोग से बने हमारे ERP Software Modules स्कूल प्रबन्धन के Processes के स्वचालन (automation) को सुनिश्चित करने की दिशा में प्रयास करेंगे । ये सुविकसित Software Modules स्कूलों, अध्यापकों, विद्यार्थियों एवं अभिभावकों के लिए अनेक प्रगतिशील सुअवसर लायेंगे। हमारे द्वारा उपलब्ध करवाये जाने वाले । विस्तृत ERP Software Modules की सूची नीचे दी गई है:

Lesson Plan (पाठ योजना)

पाठ योजना में किसी lesson को पढ़ाने के लिये उपयुक्त दिशा-निर्देशों का विस्तृत विवरण होता है। हमारे इस विशेष फीचर में प्रत्येक कक्षा एवं विषय के पाठ्यक्रम को स्कूल अपने टीचर्स की सहायता से lesson plan के रूप में पूरे साल के कार्य दिवस के आधार पर डिवाइड कर सकते हैं।
इस फीचर से Principal को सिंगल क्लिक पर पता चल जायेगा कि किस class का कोर्स समय पर चल रहा है और किसका लेट चल रहा है।

Data Management (डेटा प्रबन्धन)

अब, स्कूल Mittsure द्वारा उपलब्ध करवाये गये cloud server पर अपने रिकॉर्ड्स को up to date रख सकते हैं तथा data को कभी भी, कहीं से भी access कर सकते हैं। इससे स्कूल अनेक excel files और पेपरवर्क को handle करने की परेशानी से भी बचेंगे।


  • vki fo|kFkhZ vFkok vfHkHkkod dks SMS vFkok eksckby ,Ii@web ds tfj, ljyrk ls xzqi eSlst Hkst ldrs gSaA
  • ¼i½ xqzi vyVZ%& vki ,d flaxy fDyd ds }kjk fdlh Hkh xzqi fo'ks"k dks eSlst Hkst ldrs gSaA
  • ¼ii½ O;fDrxr vyVZ%& O;fDrxr vyVZ Hkstus ds fy;s ljy cuk, x, search QhplZ Hkh miyC/k gSaA
  • ¼iii½ Vhpj@LVkQ vyVZ%& vki ,d single cVu dks fDyd djds iwjs LVkQ vFkok fdlh ,d Vhpj dks lysDV djds Hkh muls communicate dj ldrs gSaA
  • ¼ iv½ 10]000 SMS rd dk Pack, Complementary ¼lkykuk½ miyC/k djok;k tk;sxkA

Attendance (उपस्थिति)

  • fo|kfFkZ;ksa dh gj jkst dh mifLFkfr dh fjiksVZ system esa QhM gks tk;sxhA
  • ¼iii½ Leave eSustesaV%& vfHkHkkod ,Ii ij fo|kFkhZ dh Leave ,Iyhds'ku Hkst ldrs gSa tks lh/ks ,Mfeu vkSj Vhpj ds ikl tk;sxh vkSj os mls ,Ii ij gh Loh—r ;k vLoh—r dj ldrs gSaA

पूछताछ प्रबंधन

Ldwy fdlh Hkh enquiry dh fMVsy dks vklkuh ls eSust dj ldrs gSaA Ldwyksa ds fy;s Hkfo"; esa dke vkus okyh enquiries ¼vfHkHkkodksa }kjk iwN-rkN½ dks eSust djuk vklku gks tk;sxkA vko';drk iM+us ij Ldwy vfHkHkkodksa }kjk dh xbZ iwN-rkN dk fjdkWMZ j[k ldrs gSa rFkk mUgsa SMS Hkstdj muls lEidZ Hkh dj ldrs gSaA


lCtsDV VhplZ vius fo"k; ds gkseodZ ,oa vlkbuesaV dks ,Ii@website ds }kjk dsoy mUgha d{kkvksa dks Hkstus esa leFkZ gksaxs ftUgsa os i<+krs gSa vkSj ;g gkseodZ vfHkHkkodksa rd Hkh igq¡p tk;sxkA


Ldwy vius fdlh Hkh bosUV] LiksV~Zl QaD'ku dh QksVkst] ohfM;kst ¼;wV~;wc ds fyad }kjk½ bl ,Ii@osclkbV esa gallery module ij viyksM dj ldrs gSaA blls fo|kFkhZ vkSj vfHkHkkod osc vFkok eksckby ,Ii ds ek/;e ls mu bosUV~l dh ;knksa dks rktk Hkh dj ldrs gSaA

स्कूल कैलन्डर

  • Ldwy vius egRoiw.kZ bosUV~l vFkok NqfV~V;ksa dh lwph bl ,Ii ij viyksM dj ldrs gSaA Ldwy esa vk;ksftr fd;s tkus okys lHkh dk;ZØeksa vkSj bosUV~l dh rkjh[k dks vfHkHkkod] izkpk;Z] ,Mfeu bl ,Ii ij ns[k ldrs gSaA
  • ;g dSyUMj ,d fnu igys gh vfHkHkkod dks ,Ii ij fjekbUMj Hkst nsxkA


bl Module ds vUrxZr] vfHkHkkod ,oa Ldwy ds e/; vPNs laca/k LFkkfir djus ds fy;s] leL;kvksa ds fuLrkj.k ,oa vfHkHkkodksa dh QhMcSd vkSj views dks vfHkHkkod ,Ii/website ij viyksM dj ldrs gSaA

न्यूज / सर्कूलर

bl Module ds ek/;e ls Ldwy viuh fdlh U;wt vFkok ldqZyj dks vfHkHkkod ;k fo|kFkhZ dks Hkst ldrs gSaA

स्कूल प्रबन्धन Web/ एप्प Based Interface


  • dE;qfuds'ku%& vc vki dHkh Hkh] dgha Hkh fcuk fdlh ijs'kkuh ds iSjsUV~l dks eSlst Hkst ldrs gSaA
  • vR;Ur lqxerk ds lkFk Ldwy izcU/ku%& ;g ,Ii MkVk lqj{kk ,oa ikjn'khZ; foÙkh; izcU/ku iznku djrk gSA blds }kjk vki Ldwy dh lHkh lwpukvksa vkSj fjdkWMZ~l dks ,d gh ,Ii ij iw.kZr;k eSust dj ldrs gSaA blls LVkQ dh dk;Z{kerk Hkh c<+sxhA
  • Web based interface (website) ls lEcaf/kr lHkh ykWfxUl miyC/k djok;s tk;saxsA


टीचर Web / एप्प Based Interface


  • Attendance%& Vhpj fo|kfFkZ;ksa dh mifLFkfr d{kkvksa esa gh ,Ii ij ntZ dj ldrs gSaA
  • ¼ii½ gkseodZ%& lCtsDV VhplZ vius fo"k; ds gkseodZ dks vius LekVZQksu dSejk vFkok Qkby ls lh/ks mu d{kkvksa dks Hkst ldrs gSa] ftUgsa os i<+krs gSaA
  • ¼iii½ Leave Management ¼NqV~Vh dk izcU/ku½%& Vhpj viuh d{kk ds fo|kfFkZ;ksa dh NqV~Vh dh ,Iyhds'ku dks ,Ii ij gh Lohdkj vFkok vLohdkj dj ldrs gSaA
  • ¼iv½ Web based interface (website) ls lEcaf/kr lHkh ykWfxUl miyC/k djok;s tk;saxsA


Student Web/ एप्प Based Interface


  • bl ,Ii@osclkbV ij students viuk gkseodZ ,oa vlkbuesaV izkIr dj ldrs gSaA
  • ¼ii½ ;g ,Ii ,aMªk;M rFkk ,iy iOS IysVQkWElZ ij miyC/k gksxkA
  • ¼iii½ Web based interface (website) ls lEcaf/kr lHkh ykWfxUl miyC/k djok;s tk;saxsA

अभिभावक Wev / एप्प Based Interface

  • bl ,Ii ds }kjk vfHkHkkod vius LekVZQksu ij vius cPps dh attendance, ijQksesZUl] Ldwy ds lkFk communication, Vkbe Vscy] Ldwy bosUV~l] PTM rFkk leLr fjiksVksZa dks ns[k ldrs gSaA
  • ¼ii½ ;g ,Ii ,aMªk;M rFkk ,iy iOS IysVQkWElZ ij miyC/k gksxkA
  • ¼iii½ Web based interface (website) ls lEcaf/kr lHkh ykWfxUl miyC/k djok;s tk;saxsA

फीस प्रबन्धन

  • vki Qhl izcU/ku ds lEiw.kZ flLVe ds }kjk Qhl tek vFkok due gksus ds eSlst vfHkHkkod dks Hkst ldrs gSaA
  • ¼ii½ Student ds Fee ledger dks vki single click ij ns[k ldrs gSaA

रिपोर्ट्स - आप विभिन्न तरह की रिपोर्ट्स तैयार कर सकते है जैसे

  • vki fofHkUu rjg dh fjiksVZ~l rS;kj dj ldrs gSa] tSls%

  • ¼i½ Attendance fjiksVZ%& Students ,oa staff dh attendance fjiksVZ rS;kj dh tk ldrh gSaA

  • ¼ii½ fo|kfFkZ;ksa dh fjiksVZ%& pan lsdaM esa fo|kfFkZ;ksa ls lEcfU/kr fofHkUu fjiksV~Zl cukbZ tk ldrh gSaA

  • ¼iii½ eSlst Hkstus dh fjiksVZ

  • ¼iv½ Qhl lEcfU/kr fjiksVZ~l ¼tek] cdk;k½

  • ¼v½ jkstejkZ dh vU; fjiksV~Zl

TRANSFER CERTIFICATE (ट्रान्सफर सर्टिफिकेट)

vc Ldwy gekjs }kjk fn;s x;s fo'ks"k QkWjesV esa Ldwy NksM+us okys fo|kFkhZ dh TC vfr'kh?kz rS;kj dj ldrs gSaA

User Management (यूजर प्रबन्धन)

fofHkUu foHkkxksa ds LVkQ esEclZ dks fn, x, eksM~;wYl ds }kjk mudh vyx-vyx ykWfxu ID cukuk vR;Ur ljy gS ¼mnkgj.k ds rkSj ij] vdkm.VsUV ykWfxu] ÝaV vkWfQl ykWfxu] VhplZ ykWfxu] bR;kfn½A


  • iSfud SOS cVu dsoy Mittsure parents ,fIyds'ku esa miyC/k gSA
  • iSfud SOS cVu dk;Z{kerk ikap registered vkikrdkyhu uacjksa dks lwfpr djsxh vkSj vkikrdkyhu fLFkfr esa Google maps location ds lkFk ,d text message Hkstus esa l{ke gksxhA
  • User viuh ilan ds 5 bejtsalh dkWUVSDV uacj rd dHkh Hkh add/edit dj ldrk gSA
  • egRoiw.kZ le; esa user iSfud cVu nck ldrk gS vkSj bls execute djus ds fy, 6 lsadM dh myVh fxurh 'kq: gks tk,xh vkSj user xyrh ls nck, tkus ij myVh fxurh dks jn~n dj ldrk gSA
  • ;fn user vkikrdkyhu fLFkfr esa gS] rks og 6 lsdaM ds execute dh izfØ;k dks NksM+us vkSj orZeku yksds'ku Hkstus ds fy, 2 ckj SOS nck ldrk gSA
  • SOS Emergency uacj ij current yksds'ku Hkstsxk vkSj gj 2 feuV esa baVjusV dh enn ls djaV yksds'ku dks viMsV djrk jgsxkA
  • dksbZ baVjusV dusD'ku miyC/k ugha gksus dh fLFkfr esa user dks ikB lans'kksa ds ek/;e ls LFkku Hkstus ds fy, ,d ckj fDyd djuk gksxkA
  • User ds Qksu dSejs }kjk fjdkWMZ djus ds fy, ohfM;ks lqfo/kk dks active djus ds fy, user dks Hkfo"; esa lqfo/kk fey ldrh gS vkSj emergency ds le; ohfM;ks fjdkWfMZax Hkh share dj ldrs gSaA
  • User ladV dh fLFkfr ls ckgj fudyus ij ^^vc lqjf{kr** cVu ij fDyd dj ldrk gSA lkFk gh] user lHkh emergency laidksZa dks lqjf{kr fLFkfr fn[kkus ds fy, izfrfØ;k ds :i esa text message Hkst ldrk gSA

नोट :- 'पाठ योजना', डेटा प्रबन्धन" मोड्यूल्स एवं “स्कूल प्रबन्धन’, ‘टीचर्स’, ‘स्टूडेण्ट्स ' और अभिभावक” मोबाइल एप्प (Android & iOS) Mittsure से जुड़े सभी स्कूलों के लिए complementary हैं । इसके अतिरिक्त, स्कूल अन्य कोई भी 2 मोड्यूल्स अपनी पसंद से चुन सकते हैं।